At the end of 2019, A2LA had 3,735 accredited certificates in its system representing all 50 states and a variety of foreign countries. (Note: The organizations in foreign economies pursued accreditation from A2LA due mostly to their desire to meet U.S. regulatory requirements.)During 2019, A2LA maintained a membership of 661 individuals and organizations. Membership in A2LA is separate and distinct from accreditation. Members elect the Board of Directors, receive discounts on accreditation fees, and are encouraged to provide input on a variety of national and international activities and initiatives. Based on feedback from our membership, A2LA increased its membership’s access to value-added content and networking opportunities in 2019. We continue to make improvements for our members, with the addition of our new membership platform and continued commitment to provide regular content and ‘Ask the Expert’ forum discussions.Recognition of A2LA accreditation programs comes from organizations around the world with which A2LA has mutual recognition arrangements or other forms of recognition.

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